Bagna Cauda Day 2022: where to eat it in Monferrato

Every year the Astigiani APS Association organizes “Bagna Cauda Day“! There are two weekends dedicated to this convivial and cheerful dish, with intense flavors and which goes perfectly with our beloved Grignolino (if you’re left without it, you can stock up on it by clicking HERE).

Do you already know this recipe? The bagna caoda (or bagna cauda) is a typical preparation of Piedmont prepared with anchovies, oil, and garlic and used as a sauce for fresh vegetables of the autumn season and beyond. In fact, raw meat, stracchino, and for the more adventurous, eggs are also dipped.

We still remember well when our grandmother used to cook and over the weekend she would offer us this delicious recipe. Being a substantial dish, it is usually considered a single dish but sometimes it can also be served as an appetizer.

The 2022 edition of Bagna Cauda Day will be held on November 25-26-27 and December 2-3-4. There are many places that will join the initiative throughout Piedmont and beyond, around 150, and we have decided to select and share with you the restaurants and taverns closest to our small village of Cella Monte. So after a tasting at our office, which you can book by clicking HERE, you can rush to delight your palate with one of the most typical dishes of our tradition, the Bagna Cauda.

Here is the list of some places that participate in the Bagna Cauda Day in Monferrato:


Piazza del Santuario, 7, Serralunga di Crea, AL

To book: 0142 940108


Via Guala, 4, Casale Monferrato, AL

To book: 0142 75957


Il Giardinetto, Castelletto Monferrato, AL

To book: 331 5776290


Via Evasio Rossi, SP68, 14, Vignale Monferrato AL

To book: 0142 933524


Piazza Marconi, 16, Portacomaro, AT

To book: 3471851269


Via Matteotti, 27, 15030 Camagna Monferrato AL

To book: 0142 925138

Outside of the Bagna Cauda Day initiative, however, there are many restaurants that offer this dish, but most of the time it is made upon request and for large groups, as it has a rather long preparation. Such as for example by friends of Trattoria Serenella or Osteria the Pomegranate. On some occasions, theme nights dedicated to this dish are also organized, such as the one organized by the friends of 365 in Cella Monte on Friday 19 November. To book 0142 670181.

More Bagna Cauda and Grignolino for everyone! We are waiting for you as always every weekend from 10.00 to 19.00!

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