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08 Feb 2017

Secret Cellars

An Infernot  (secret cellars) is a small underground room, dug into the workable “Pietra da Cantoni” rock, with no lighting or ventilation. They can usually be accessed through a cellar and are used to store bottled wine. Their constant temperature and humidity create an excellent environment for preserving the most precious bottles. They are located under houses, courtyards or even under our roads. Infernot are real architectural masterpieces built during long and cold winters thanks to farmers’ knowledge. Each Infernot  is […]

07 Feb 2017

Monferrato Hills

Monferrato (Monfrà [mʊɲ‘fra] in dialect) is a hilly region covered by vineyards and paddies. Rich in enchanting places which during Spring and Autumn bloom creating unique landscapes and views enhanced by its fruits and colors. Among the many interpretations of the word “Monferrato”, the one we prefer comes from Latin, “Mons ferax”, that means fertile mount, the perfect way to summarize our territory. Farmsteads, churches, castles and wine cellars (called “Infernot”) reflect a way of living inspired by ancient peasant culture. […]