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18 Jun 2018

RECIPE 1 | Gazpacho with melon and king prawns

The most tasty column of this Summer is here! We promised you a series of fresh and delicious recipes perfect to be paired with our #Dedalo, Monferrato Bianco DOC and here they are. “Cinque Quinti in cucina con… Velia Piade Vini & Affini” opens up with this delicacy…Gazpacho with melon and king prawns, fresh and quick to prepare! Ready? Ingredients for 4 people: 300 gr of melon 200 gr of strawberries 50 gr of the soft part inside the bread 8 […]

04 May 2018

Cinque Quinti official commercial

To define yourself is not an easy job. We have tried to do it step by step using 4 trailers to guide you into our world little by little. We did it following the idea behind our first wine label. We started from the Ground, then the Color, the Grape, the Smell and eventually the Taste which encloses the first 4 elements and in a minute and a half tells the soul of our whole project. Being the main characters […]

21 Mar 2018

Cinque Quinti’s events calendar: walks and wine tasting in Monferrato

Here is our events calendar for this exciting 2018. Please note that the article will be updated with more details during the next few weeks.   “LE COLLINE SONO IN FIORE” As last year the first appointment will be in occasion of “Le Colline sono in Fiore”, Sunday 13th of May. Same garden, same enthusiasm. You cannot miss it, moreover because this year theme is: FOOD. Our small village will be lighten up by the colors of the floral expositions […]

03 Mar 2018

The new 2016 Red Wine is ready. And numbers have doubled.

Strong from the small, but important success gained with our first 750 bottles, we are ready with the new production, which we managed to double. We are about to open the sales for 1300 bottles. All for you. The 2016 Red Wine has been made in steel and rested in the bottles for about 3 months. Produced with selected Barbera grapes, the wine is delightful. It presents an intense red hue, firm scents of red fruits, flowers and that right […]

10 Feb 2018

Cinque Quinti partner of  WOB – Women Out Of The Box!  

We are thrilled to announce the first event of the year: Women Out Of The Box! Trough the lovely Federica De Benedictis, a blogger from Turin, who we met last year, we got to know Imelda Lee, event planner and founder of OUT Unconventional Events. Together with Voices of Women and the Organization Mondobimbi, Sunday 11th of March, they are gonna introduce a unique event, “that stands out from a choir” as Imelda likes to say. As a result we […]

26 Jan 2018

Cinque Quinti cooking with…Velia | Our first free recipes ebook!

“Good food and good wine, is heaven on earth”.    (Enrico IV) Looking for a free recipes ebook? What better way to celebrate our wine, than paring it with our tasty and traditional dishes or some revisited recipes with a fresh and genuine flavor? To do so we asked for help to one of our favorite food truck: Velia Piade Vini & Affini. We met Velia and Nello last Summer and we decided to collaborate for the first time during […]

21 Jan 2018

CHAPTER 8.All the curiosities about Monferrato and Barbera

In this eighth and last chapter we would like to gather the best curiosities about Monferrato and Barbera including our best tips and suggestions narrated in this wine and food itinerary. A path we went through together uncovering Monferrato and the Barbera. Create in collaboration with Roberta Negri who in 2017 obtained the 2nd level of the Sommelier Certification in Milan. …CHAPTER 1 Did you know that the area of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato became part of the Unesco World […]

18 Jan 2018

CHAPTER 7.It tastes like cork!

“If a cork tastes like cork, wine tastes like cork; if a cork tastes like wine, wine tastes like wine” Pretty obvious, right? But let’s deepen the issue in order to understand what the causes of cork scent could be. It is estimated that a variable percentage between 1 and 15% of bottles of wine, present a cork scent. But where is this material coming from? The cork is extracted from the bark of the “Quercus Suber”. The substance protects […]

01 Dec 2017

CHAPTER 6.Ready to uncork wine?

If you are now provided with the right corkscrew, we can move to practice and uncork our wine… Step 1 The first step to open a bottle of wine in the correct way, without compromising the quality, is to take off the seal which grants the integrity of the wine. To do it right you will have to cut the seal using the hidden zig-zagged knife included in the corkscrew just underneath the thin protrusion you find on the neck […]

08 Nov 2017

CHAPTER 5. How to uncork a bottle of wine: an art to learn

How do you uncork wine? In these next chapters we will go from theory to practice to discover all the details of this art, often undervalued. Opening a bottle of wine can often appear as a simple and daily gesture. But actually doing it in the correct way, requires the knowledge of some key steps and above all implies the use of some specific tools. A real form of art, told and explained in so many books and manuals, it […]