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04 Mar 2019

World | Mario and his first “upside down” experience in a winery

While in Italy the vineyards are cradled by the snow, in Australia and in New Zealand the wineries are in ferment and are harvested tirelessly. Thanks to our Mario, who at the age of just 19 is on the other side of the world grappling with his first winery experience in Australia, we can experience the beauty of this season twice in 2019. Now let’s leave the word to him and his story! Enjoy the reading! “Are you enjoying the […]

29 Jan 2019

World | Wine Marketing in Australia: how does it work?

In this article, Mario explores a very interesting topic concerning all wine marketing activities and the customer management by cellars owners and wine shops in Australia, particularly in the Hunter Valley region. We will analyze that relationship of trust that the producer manages to establish with the consumer. We will talk about wine marketing in Australia to discover differences and similarities with Italy. Customer management: the importance of the membership card. If we want to take a look at history, […]

12 Oct 2018

World | Australian life: Mario’s first two months of new discoveries!

Discovering the Hunter Valley wine region. By now Mario has spent the second month in the distant Australian land. After a few weeks of guest orientation to the wonderful family he had met in a previous experience in the United States, the “Fifth Fifth” took off and went out exploring the Hunter Valley, the famous wine region together with his friend Paolo Ottone (who has been living in the land of kangaroos for about 3 years now). Thanks to this […]

17 Jul 2018

The 6 best wine shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn

After spending whole June wondering around this beautiful and chaotic city, Francesca has decided to list her 6 favorite wine shops that you can find in the Big Apple. From the most hidden ones, to the most known and famous, to the ones that organize wine tasting and much more. Therefore keep on reading to find out the best wine shops in New York City. Clearly there are many more around the city, but these ones are those which really […]

03 Mar 2018

The new 2016 Red Wine is ready. And numbers have doubled.

Strong from the small, but important success gained with our first 750 bottles, we are ready with the new production, which we managed to double. We are about to open the sales for 1300 bottles. All for you. The 2016 Red Wine has been made in steel and rested in the bottles for about 3 months. Produced with selected Barbera grapes, the wine is delightful. It presents an intense red hue, firm scents of red fruits, flowers and that right […]

28 Jun 2017

Red wine, good for our taste and our heart

Everybody knows that an healthy lifestyle and a a diverse diet help us to live a better life, to feel stronger and more energetic. There are some foods and drinks though that thanks to some of their components can also help us preventing many different diseases. Behind the typical saying “a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away”, there is also medicine to support it. Lab studies confirmed that some of the chemical components naturally contained in wine, […]

20 May 2017

4 Wine tasting tips

How many times you pretended to a be a sommelier joking with your friends about flavors you were not actually able to feel? “This wine tastes like…”, “The color reminds me of…” We have to admit though, that when these characteristics are spilled out by an expert, they really sound like a romantic poem. Enology, viticulture and wine tasting are jobs becoming more and more appreciated in Italy and worldwide. The interest in these skills has been growing fast in […]