Cinque Quinti's project arose from the desire of 5 siblings, Fabrizio, Martina, Michele, Francesca and Mario to continue a family-run activity founded four generations ago, giving it an innovative and fresh touch. The name comes exactly from this. We are 5 siblings, each of which with different ideas and skills will give his own contribution to develop the activity and to reach the common goal.

Fabrizio and Michele, whose lifestyle was shaped by the passion for the ground passed on by our grand-father and the magical colors of our hills, took control of the firm in 2008. In these years the land properties was expanded by 10 times. One-hundred hectares, half of which are vineyards. Barbera, Cortese, Grignolino, Pinot Nero, Arneis, Bonarda, Nebbiolo, Cabernet, Souvignon, Chardonnay, Syrah, Freisa, Dolcetto. A real explosion of scents, shades and flavors. The youngest, Mario, who just graduated from the Agricultural Institute in San Martino, decided to leave for a far land, Australia, for a unique traveling and working experience in close contact with local wineries.

The agricultural firm “Fratelli Arditi” - not to be confused with “Arditi Fratelli” who is managing the “Cantina Sociale del Monferrato” – find its roots in the art of tradition and the real values which permeates the atmosphere in Cella Monte (that entered "I Borghi più Belli d'Italia" club in July 2018). Until last year it was focused on the sale of the raw material to private producers or wine cooperatives.


Cinque Quinti was born in 2016 and the activity saw the desire of having its own production of wine becoming true. The first red wine was produced with grapes from 2015 harvest. A down-to-earth table wine characterized by an intense red hue and a rich and full-bodied flavor.

This is when Martina and Francesca also stepped in. They took care of all the brand image as the logo, the website, and social pages and they are responsible for the sales area.

The goal for the next years is to increase the number of bottles and differentiate the range of products offered.

An open-air office where paper transforms into leaves, pc keys in hoes, desks in tractors. A job that requires dedication, hard work, and a constant commitment and has always been supported by our parents Giuseppe and Manuela. All of this enclosed in a bottle of wine that we hope will accompany your small talks, confidences, and laughter.

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Cinque Quinti's project was born during 2015 harvest, when Fabrizio and Michele decided to keep a small part of selected grapes to experiment our first first ever wine production.

In 2016, while the wine was fermenting, Martina and Francesca stepped in and created the logo, the website and started to give voice to the newly born brand.

May 2017 saw the launch of the first label: Vino Rosso. It was a selection of only 750 bottles, but the 5 siblings understood that the potential was high and that it would have been only the first of a long series.

In 2018 the numbers doubled. From 750 bottles of Vino Rosso, 100% Barbera made in steel, to 1300. In addition the first white wine was introduced; Dedalo. A selection of 100% Arneis grapes - Monferrato DOC Bianco for about 1000 bottles.

2019 sees an additional jump ahead with the introduction of 2 new labels. Roverò - 100% Barbera aged in tonneau and Mariulin - 100% Chardonnay, Metodo Martinotti. Also quantities will increase and this year the total number of bottles will reach 8000.

Follow us not to miss all our new developments. We work hard in order to always improve the quality of our wines and to strengthen our relationship with our customers by organizing each year events and wine tastings at our headquarter. We want everybody to uncover Monferrato beauties.

Carisa 2019100%


E-Commerce Launch100%

Wine Cellar Construction10%

Teaching Farm Class100%

Sommelier Course100%

Dedalo 2019100%

Teaching Farm Space Renovation43%



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