Monferrato Hills

Monferrato (Monfrà [mʊɲ‘fra] in dialect) is a hilly region covered by vineyards and paddies.

Rich in enchanting places which during Spring and Autumn bloom creating unique landscapes and views enhanced by its fruits and colors.

Among the many interpretations of the word “Monferrato”, the one we prefer comes from Latin, “Mons ferax”, that means fertile mount, the perfect way to summarize our territory.

Farmsteads, churches, castles and wine cellars (called Infernot”) reflect a way of living inspired by ancient peasant culture.
Each small town encloses “treasures” like art, breath-taking views and exquisite typical food to de discovered.

White truffle is indeed the spearhead of Piedmont’s autumn food festivals, like the ones that take place in Cella Monte, Moncalvo or Murisengo.
During these occasions wines like Barbera, Grignolino, Freisa, Malvasia and Chardonnay perfectly match with each single recipe.

The many events, exhibitions and fairs enhanced the brightness and energy of our land and represent a great opportunity to visit and experience this unique region.

Come over and enjoy our culture!

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