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16 Nov 2022

Bagna Cauda Day 2022: where to eat it in Monferrato

Every year the Astigiani APS Association organizes “Bagna Cauda Day“! There are two weekends dedicated to this convivial and cheerful dish, with intense flavors and which goes perfectly with our beloved Grignolino (if you’re left without it, you can stock up on it by clicking HERE). Do you already know this recipe? The bagna caoda (or bagna cauda) is a typical preparation of Piedmont prepared with anchovies, oil, and garlic and used as a sauce for fresh vegetables of the […]

14 Feb 2022

The first Monferace label by Cinque Quinti

On April 17, 2021, we formalized our entry into “Monferace”, an association that is founded on ancient history and courageous innovation. Do you know it? WHAT IS MONFERACE It is a collaborative project between 14 local producers who have decided to put in extra gear to bring Grignolino, a native vine of our hills, back to its original shine. Monferace is a dream born between the hills and castles of Monferrato. This will be the name of a Grignolino of […]

09 Apr 2020

Cinque Quinti events’ calendar 2020

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, all events are temporarily suspended. More updates soon. It is time for programing the new events calendar of the Cinque Quinti 2020. We start from February to warm up this cold winter and better prepare for a sparkling season. Below you will find the Cinque Quinti 2020 events calendar. Please remember that the list is constantly evolving, so save this link and follow us on social media so you don’t miss any appointment. Winter Season […]

17 Mar 2019

2019 events calendar: tastings, open-air cinema and much more.

We know, you were waiting for it… and eventually the 2019 Cinque Quinti’s Events Calendar has arrived. For a special Spring Summer season in Monferrato. Appointments that come back every year and new projects and collaborations, let’s start! It’s time to take your agenda and take notes, we are looking forward to meet you among our hills. SPRING SUMMER EVENTS 2019 ROVERIAMO IN ANTEPRIMA WHEN: Sunday 31st of March WHERE: 365 di Cella Monte, Via Dante Barbano 6-8, 15034, Cella […]

21 Mar 2018

Cinque Quinti’s events calendar: walks and wine tasting in Monferrato

Here is our events calendar for this exciting 2018. Please note that the article will be updated with more details during the next few weeks.   “LE COLLINE SONO IN FIORE” As last year the first appointment will be in occasion of “Le Colline sono in Fiore”, Sunday 13th of May. Same garden, same enthusiasm. You cannot miss it, moreover because this year theme is: FOOD. Our small village will be lighten up by the colors of the floral expositions […]

10 Feb 2018

Cinque Quinti partner of  WOB – Women Out Of The Box!  

We are thrilled to announce the first event of the year: Women Out Of The Box! Trough the lovely Federica De Benedictis, a blogger from Turin, who we met last year, we got to know Imelda Lee, event planner and founder of OUT Unconventional Events. Together with Voices of Women and the Organization Mondobimbi, Sunday 11th of March, they are gonna introduce a unique event, “that stands out from a choir” as Imelda likes to say. As a result we […]

18 Oct 2017

Truffle Festival in Cella Monte | 4-5th November

The 26th edition of the Truffle Festival in Cella Monte will be on the 4th and 5th of November. For the first time this year the event has been recognized as a regional exhibition, thanks to the hard work and the great people behind it. The five of us have always liked this event. The village comes back to life in these first autumn days. Cella Monte is flood by energetic and positive vibes. Stands, food truck, events for the […]

29 Sep 2017

The first edition of “Harvest with Cinque Quinti”

Chit chats, good wine, walks among the vineyards stealing grapes, wine cellars and delicious food. Three appointments, three days spent together. We had the chance to tell our story, to explain the art of viticulture, to describe the most antiques traditions which we keep jealously and to narrate how we see our future and our next goals. The desire was to organize a cellar tour a bit different from the others. We wanted to drag you in and let you […]

21 Aug 2017

Harvest with Cinque Quinti

You have always been curious about the harvest but never got the change to see it for real? Do you think that grapes are still squeezed with feet? Then this is moment to come and visit Cinque Quinti and spend with us a special day to find out where a good wine comes from. Three appointments, Saturday 9th-16th-23rd of September. Three days dedicated to the grapes, the good wine, the harvest, the tradition, and entertainment. Subscribe now! During the sweet and golden month of September, […]

05 Jul 2017

Village Festival in Cella Monte: 14-18th of July

Have you ever been to an authentic Village Festival? No? Well you cannot miss this one! Summer means “Festa del Paese” in Cella Monte. 5 days of fun surrounded by exquisite food, good wine, music, laughter and little shows for the youngest. Starting from Friday 14th to Tuesday 18th of July, Cella Monte Municipality together with the “Pro Loco” will entertain you, with typical meals, dances and parties. The schedule is rich for this year Village Festival, so you cannot […]