The first edition of “Harvest with Cinque Quinti”

Chit chats, good wine, walks among the vineyards stealing grapes, wine cellars and delicious food.

Three appointments, three days spent together. We had the chance to tell our story, to explain the art of viticulture, to describe the most antiques traditions which we keep jealously and to narrate how we see our future and our next goals.

The desire was to organize a cellar tour a bit different from the others. We wanted to drag you in and let you see the Monferrato from a different perspective. We wanted you to experience this land during the most important month for us, September. The sweet and golden month when vineyards come back to life and it is more likely to cross a tractor than a car.

Immersed in the green vineyards we showed the hard work behind a bottle of wine. You had the chance to see our people working hard. With some of you we managed to see the whole process of the grape from the harvest to the wine cellar.

We hope you enjoyed it!

The enthusiasm and the curiosity you have showed us confirmed our expectations and made us proud of our land. It encouraged all of us to work even harder and to organize other similar events soon!

Finally, we would like to thank our precious collaborations with Velia Piade Vini & Vini and Zoe Cucina. Their kindness and delicacies accompanied in a perfect and harmonious way our events in the intimate frame of Cinque Quinti’s garden. A special thanks goes to Veronica and Valeria, who helped us so much and arrived the last Saturday with the most perfect costume 🙂

Last but not least, thanks to Simone, the owner of the Castello d’Uviglie, who welcomed us in his beautiful cellar so you could discover the whole vinification process. And thanks to the Cantina del Monferrato which we visited on Saturday 23rd.

These last months have been so rich of novelties for Cinque Quinti and we will remember them dearly. Below a short video to gather all the best moments and on our Facebook page you’ll find all the pictures!

Continue to follow us! So many news are coming and…if you love truffles come to visit Saturday 4-5 November in Cella Monte for the “26° Truffle Festival”.


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