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04 Jun 2021

10 restaurants where you can eat outdoors in Monferrato

Finally, after a long wait, the summer has arrived and we are happy to recommend 10 restaurants where you can eat outdoors in Monferrato, between terraces with views, romantic courtyards, small outdoor areas, and delightful green corners. These are some of the places we visit most often and which we also recommend to our guests, but if you have other places to suggest to us, write to us (support@cinquequinti.com)! We will drop a second article! Babette Bistrot Regione Valle Ghenza […]

06 Jul 2018

Things to see in Cella Monte and in Monferrato

It is known already, Monferrato is a wonderful land. It is a pretty vast area though and the things to see are so many! For this reason we thought it might have been helpful for us to create a list of things to see in Cella Monte and in Monferrato. We have selected all the things you cannot miss including: historic buildings, museums, restaurants, caffè, dreamy bed and breakfasts and obviously wine cellar and infernot. To do so we created […]

19 Jun 2018

Cella Monte: the history of this little hamland the Ecomuseo of the Cantoni Stone

Cella Monte is the small village in the heart of Monferrato in which we grew up. A tiny town where the main activities focus around agriculture and viticulture. It is a precious place where our headquarter is located. The main streets are only two but you can find anything you might need walking along them: a grocery shop, a bank, a post office, a tobacconist, one coffee bar, a soccer field, a tennis field, a church, a small theatre, dozens […]

12 Jun 2017

The 4 best B&B in Monferrato, Unesco World Heritage

Today we would like to suggest you the best Bed & Breakfast in our area in case you are planning to visit the 50th cultural site nominated by UNESCO as World Heritage. Yes, the vineyard landscapes of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato has been included in the World Heritage List since 2011. They describe it as: “A selection of five distinct winegrowing areas, whose names evoke profound and ancient expertise in the relationship between man and his environment. They reflect a slowly […]

20 May 2017

4 Wine tasting tips

How many times you pretended to a be a sommelier joking with your friends about flavors you were not actually able to feel? “This wine tastes like…”, “The color reminds me of…” We have to admit though, that when these characteristics are spilled out by an expert, they really sound like a romantic poem. Enology, viticulture and wine tasting are jobs becoming more and more appreciated in Italy and worldwide. The interest in these skills has been growing fast in […]

08 Mar 2017

6 restaurants we love in Monferrato

As there are so many restaurants and bistrot around here we would like to give you a short list of 6 restaurants that you cannot miss if you find yourself wandering around our hills. We are gonna make your mouth water! Is well known, Monferrato area has among its qualities the good food, characterized by strong flavours that perfectly match our wines. Hosteria, Treville – a real little treasure. Massimo, the chef, will delight your palate with revisited traditional recipes […]

08 Feb 2017

Secret Cellars

An Infernot  (secret cellars) is a small underground room, dug into the workable “Pietra da Cantoni” rock, with no lighting or ventilation. They can usually be accessed through a cellar and are used to store bottled wine. Their constant temperature and humidity create an excellent environment for preserving the most precious bottles. They are located under houses, courtyards or even under our roads. Infernot are real architectural masterpieces built during long and cold winters thanks to farmers’ knowledge. Each Infernot  is […]