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30 Nov 2023

Your Christmas Box with products from Monferrato

For Christmas 2023 we have made a special selection of products from our territory, the Monferrato degli Infernot for a perfect Christmas hamper for a true Wine Lover!

05 Dec 2022

The perfect 2022 Christmas gift

For Christmas 2022 we made a special selection of products from our territory Monferrato degli Infernot for a perfect gift as a true Wine Lover!

17 Mar 2021

A wine production 100% Cinque Quinti

Growth. 2020 for us at Cinque Quinti marked an important step, which we would define as crucial. We informed you, shortly before the start of the 2020 harvest, of the inclusion in our team of a new member, the oenologist Dario Aceto. Now we can finally tell you what has happened since then… 100% of our wine production, in a cellar, completely managed by us! Independence. We wanted it from the beginning, but we knew we were a beginner in […]

26 Apr 2020

Cinque Quinti goes digital and keeps you company

CINQUE QUINTI: THE DIGITAL VINEYARD, SMART TASTING, and #IORESTOINCANTINA In these complicated and absurd days for Italy and beyond, we like the idea of ​​bringing a smile to your homes. Agriculture, nature has no breaks and does not allow too many slowdowns, spring has started and so the vegetation awakens and needs all our care. So we thought to keep you company by telling you about our days to enlighten these moments. We are creating new content and participating in […]

09 Apr 2020

Cinque Quinti events’ calendar 2020

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, all events are temporarily suspended. More updates soon. It is time for programing the new events calendar of the Cinque Quinti 2020. We start from February to warm up this cold winter and better prepare for a sparkling season. Below you will find the Cinque Quinti 2020 events calendar. Please remember that the list is constantly evolving, so save this link and follow us on social media so you don’t miss any appointment. Winter Season […]

10 Nov 2019

PART 1 | News: Cinque Quinti’s labels for 2020

Every day is a new discovery, a brick that we add to our project. Every decision, phone call, tasting, new customer or review is a step towards something bigger. With great courage and a bit of recklessness, from the 2015 harvest to the 2019 harvest we have brought our reality from a purely agricultural society, with the aim of selling the raw material (grapes, cereals, sunflowers, hazelnuts, timber, etc.), to a wine company. Devoting more and more attention to a […]

17 Mar 2019

2019 events calendar: tastings, open-air cinema and much more.

We know, you were waiting for it… and eventually the 2019 Cinque Quinti’s Events Calendar has arrived. For a special Spring Summer season in Monferrato. Appointments that come back every year and new projects and collaborations, let’s start! It’s time to take your agenda and take notes, we are looking forward to meet you among our hills. SPRING SUMMER EVENTS 2019 ROVERIAMO IN ANTEPRIMA WHEN: Sunday 31st of March WHERE: 365 di Cella Monte, Via Dante Barbano 6-8, 15034, Cella […]

16 Jan 2019

New collaboration: “Dalla Nonna” Bed & Breakfast with Cinque Quinti

The art of hospitality and of good wine.                 During the past October we came to know that the only B&B located in the heart of our village was about to shut down its activity. A real pity as the B&B managed and owned by Minella and her business partner Franca was working well and above all was offering our little village a great service. Accommodation facilities are still not that many in our area, and also for other local activities […]

04 May 2018

Cinque Quinti official commercial

To define yourself is not an easy job. We have tried to do it step by step using 4 trailers to guide you into our world little by little. We did it following the idea behind our first wine label. We started from the Ground, then the Color, the Grape, the Smell and eventually the Taste which encloses the first 4 elements and in a minute and a half tells the soul of our whole project. Being the main characters […]

21 Mar 2018

Cinque Quinti’s events calendar: walks and wine tasting in Monferrato

Here is our events calendar for this exciting 2018. Please note that the article will be updated with more details during the next few weeks.   “LE COLLINE SONO IN FIORE” As last year the first appointment will be in occasion of “Le Colline sono in Fiore”, Sunday 13th of May. Same garden, same enthusiasm. You cannot miss it, moreover because this year theme is: FOOD. Our small village will be lighten up by the colors of the floral expositions […]