A wine production 100% Cinque Quinti


2020 for us at Cinque Quinti marked an important step, which we would define as crucial. We informed you, shortly before the start of the 2020 harvest, of the inclusion in our team of a new member, the oenologist Dario Aceto. Now we can finally tell you what has happened since then… 100% of our wine production, in a cellar, completely managed by us!


We wanted it from the beginning, but we knew we were a beginner in the field of production and so in the early days we decided to rely on expert hands who introduced us to this complex and special world, supporting us in the first years of start-up. . Last summer we felt ready for the leap and after finding the place to start this new journey, we worked to reactivate it.
Finally our cellar, 100% managed by us. Difficulty? So many. Satisfaction? Well, we can’t wait to introduce you to this new vintage, and it will be you who will give us your feedback.

Photo by Andrea De Amici


From Barbera to Grignolino, from Arneis to Chardonnay, finally with your hands in … tub! We can say that our oenologist did not have an easy life during this first harvest in the Cinque Quinti house, but it is close to uncorking the new production.
The first year, however, could not fail to bring with it a novelty: we, therefore, present “el Fòl”, on the black label.
An innovative project which, taking as an example from the multiple personalities and abilities of the jester, has led us to overturn the rules of the game. With our best grape varieties, we give life to a unique and limited production, which will change every year. We decided to start with a selection of grapes that enchanted us with their scent and energy. Are you curious?
We are organizing a presentation on-site, we sincerely hope to be able to carry it out with you all!


We are learning new processes and activities that we have immortalized in some shots and videos during this first season of working independently. Over time we will be able to better tell you about the different procedures. We believe they are very interesting and fundamental to understand what is really behind those glasses that we love so much on our tables.

The ideas for the future are already many and these days we are organizing the winemaking plan for 2021.

One step after another, one label after another, this project, which we love so much, is becoming more and more concrete.

Photo by Andrea De Amici

Cover photo Sara Ferrara.

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