The first Monferace label by Cinque Quinti

On April 17, 2021, we formalized our entry into “Monferace”, an association that is founded on ancient history and courageous innovation. Do you know it?


It is a collaborative project between 14 local producers who have decided to put in extra gear to bring Grignolino, a native vine of our hills, back to its original shine.

Monferace is a dream born between the hills and castles of Monferrato. This will be the name of a Grignolino of excellence, which is born guarded inside the infernot, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first harvest is in 2015. “Monferace” is the name of an excellent Grignolino that follows a strict procedural guideline, written by the associates themselves.


“[…] The wine can be placed on the market only after a minimum aging period of 40 months, calculated from 1 November of the harvest year, of which at least 24 months in wooden barrels. All registered vineyards must be planted on calcareous-silt-clayey soils, in various combinations, even with the natural presence of sandy sediments. The vineyards must be exclusively hilly, with exposure suitable to ensure the best ripening of the grapes. […] “

We dream to restore dignity to a wine that for centuries was loved and sought after in all Italian and European courts, by kings and illustrious personalities. To be able to savor the great elegance of this wine you need patience. It must rest for several years in order to express at its best.

In October 2021 we harvested the grapes for our Monferace, from the Olivola vineyard, Bricco San Pietro. It will be ready for the first tastings in 2025. An investment in which we strongly believe and which with teamwork together with our winemaker, Dario Aceto, we can’t wait to bottle!

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