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05 Dec 2022

The perfect 2022 Christmas gift

For Christmas 2022 we made a special selection of products from our territory Monferrato degli Infernot for a perfect gift as a true Wine Lover!

16 Nov 2022

Bagna Cauda Day 2022: where to eat it in Monferrato

Every year the Astigiani APS Association organizes “Bagna Cauda Day“! There are two weekends dedicated to this convivial and cheerful dish, with intense flavors and which goes perfectly with our beloved Grignolino (if you’re left without it, you can stock up on it by clicking HERE). Do you already know this recipe? The bagna caoda (or bagna cauda) is a typical preparation of Piedmont prepared with anchovies, oil, and garlic and used as a sauce for fresh vegetables of the […]

04 Jun 2021

10 restaurants where you can eat outdoors in Monferrato

Finally, after a long wait, the summer has arrived and we are happy to recommend 10 restaurants where you can eat outdoors in Monferrato, between terraces with views, romantic courtyards, small outdoor areas, and delightful green corners. These are some of the places we visit most often and which we also recommend to our guests, but if you have other places to suggest to us, write to us (support@cinquequinti.com)! We will drop a second article! Babette Bistrot Regione Valle Ghenza […]

09 Apr 2020

Cinque Quinti events’ calendar 2020

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, all events are temporarily suspended. More updates soon. It is time for programing the new events calendar of the Cinque Quinti 2020. We start from February to warm up this cold winter and better prepare for a sparkling season. Below you will find the Cinque Quinti 2020 events calendar. Please remember that the list is constantly evolving, so save this link and follow us on social media so you don’t miss any appointment. Winter Season […]

17 Mar 2019

2019 events calendar: tastings, open-air cinema and much more.

We know, you were waiting for it… and eventually the 2019 Cinque Quinti’s Events Calendar has arrived. For a special Spring Summer season in Monferrato. Appointments that come back every year and new projects and collaborations, let’s start! It’s time to take your agenda and take notes, we are looking forward to meet you among our hills. SPRING SUMMER EVENTS 2019 ROVERIAMO IN ANTEPRIMA WHEN: Sunday 31st of March WHERE: 365 di Cella Monte, Via Dante Barbano 6-8, 15034, Cella […]

06 Jul 2018

Things to see in Cella Monte and in Monferrato

It is known already, Monferrato is a wonderful land. It is a pretty vast area though and the things to see are so many! For this reason we thought it might have been helpful for us to create a list of things to see in Cella Monte and in Monferrato. We have selected all the things you cannot miss including: historic buildings, museums, restaurants, caffè, dreamy bed and breakfasts and obviously wine cellar and infernot. To do so we created […]

19 Jun 2018

Cella Monte: the history of this little hamland the Ecomuseo of the Cantoni Stone

Cella Monte is the small village in the heart of Monferrato in which we grew up. A tiny town where the main activities focus around agriculture and viticulture. It is a precious place where our headquarter is located. The main streets are only two but you can find anything you might need walking along them: a grocery shop, a bank, a post office, a tobacconist, one coffee bar, a soccer field, a tennis field, a church, a small theatre, dozens […]

21 Mar 2018

Cinque Quinti’s events calendar: walks and wine tasting in Monferrato

Here is our events calendar for this exciting 2018. Please note that the article will be updated with more details during the next few weeks.   “LE COLLINE SONO IN FIORE” As last year the first appointment will be in occasion of “Le Colline sono in Fiore”, Sunday 13th of May. Same garden, same enthusiasm. You cannot miss it, moreover because this year theme is: FOOD. Our small village will be lighten up by the colors of the floral expositions […]

21 Jan 2018

CHAPTER 8.All the curiosities about Monferrato and Barbera

In this eighth and last chapter we would like to gather the best curiosities about Monferrato and Barbera including our best tips and suggestions narrated in this wine and food itinerary. A path we went through together uncovering Monferrato and the Barbera. Create in collaboration with Roberta Negri who in 2017 obtained the 2nd level of the Sommelier Certification in Milan. …CHAPTER 1 Did you know that the area of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato became part of the Unesco World […]

18 Jan 2018

CHAPTER 7.It tastes like cork!

“If a cork tastes like cork, wine tastes like cork; if a cork tastes like wine, wine tastes like wine” Pretty obvious, right? But let’s deepen the issue in order to understand what the causes of cork scent could be. It is estimated that a variable percentage between 1 and 15% of bottles of wine, present a cork scent. But where is this material coming from? The cork is extracted from the bark of the “Quercus Suber”. The substance protects […]