PART 1 | News: Cinque Quinti’s labels for 2020

Every day is a new discovery, a brick that we add to our project. Every decision, phone call, tasting, new customer or review is a step towards something bigger.

With great courage and a bit of recklessness, from the 2015 harvest to the 2019 harvest we have brought our reality from a purely agricultural society, with the aim of selling the raw material (grapes, cereals, sunflowers, hazelnuts, timber, etc.), to a wine company. Devoting more and more attention to a small, but constantly growing, wine production from year to year. And so from 750 bottles in 2016, this year we will label around 20,000 bottles. From one typology of Barbera, or rather Red Wine Table – as at the time of harvest it was not declared the goal of bottling one part – to six different labels.

Yes, you read that right, Cinque Quinti’s labels in 2020 will be six!

To the current 4 labels:

  • Carisa – Piedmont DOC Barbera
  • Dedalo – Monferrato DOC Bianco
  • Roveró – Red wine from Barbera grapes aged over 24 months in a tonneau of French oak
  • Mariulin – Quality Spumante Brut Martinotti Method of Chardonnay grapes 

We will add two more labels. We’ve kept it hidden for a while, we know, but …

… Roll of drums …….. Are you ready?!?

Solista, Bricco San Pietro – Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese 2019. Finally our beloved Grignolino! A selection of Grignolino grapes from our vineyards from the white soil of Olivola, where it is said, was born this type of grapes. Because as our grandfather used to say “it needs the white soil, otherwise the Grignolino does not ripen”. At the top of the gentle hill, there is a very particular church with a leaning bell tower (which you will find on the label) from which you can enjoy a 360-degree view of a breathtaking landscape.

Austin – Spumante Classic Method Rosé Wine, from 100% Pinot Noir grapes of 2016. It rested on the lees for over 30 months, the tirage took place between April and May 2017 while the disgorgement in October 2019. Austin will be the wine for your parties! What could be better than a fine and delicately scented bubble to uncork around the family or at a nice dinner with friends to celebrate the end of the year and the start of an even better one!? If you’re wondering why of this particular name we will tell you right away. Austin is the protagonist rose of our garden, which climbs up to the gazebo under which we welcome our customers. As soon as we saw the color of the wine, the orange shades brought us back to the colors and scents of our roses. It seemed like the perfect name.

So here are revealed the Cinque Quinti labels for 2020!

 Now you are wondering: when will they be available?

Austin will be on sale from late November. Attention, the number is limited, in fact, only 1000 bottles will be available. From today you can pre-order it by writing an email to support@cinquequinti.com.

For Solista, Bricco San Pietro instead, it will take a little more patience. It will be bottled in spring 2020 and ready to be served around April. It will be a fresh and young wine, perfect in combination with a mushroom risotto or roast pork with rosemary.

Given these two great innovations and also a clearer and more solid idea of the progress of our activity, we are also working on an important restyling of the Cinque Quinti bottles and labels for 2020. We give you a small preview of the new labels, but we will have time and opportunities to tell you one by one more accurately.

Vini Fermi Cinque Quinti
Firm wines label cured by the artist Elena Caterina Doria
Firm wines label cured by the artist Elena Caterina Doria

The die has been cast and if we are good enough this will only be the beginning of our game. In a market that is not at all simple and in great turmoil, not only in our country but all over the world, the watchword is innovation with eyes to tradition and feet firmly on the ground. Because the Enotourism, is really conquering the hearts of so many people,  we are very happy to be able to share the beauty and the goodness of Monferrato with all of you! In this interview with Rolling Pandas you can find some suggestions for the perfect weekend in Monferrato.

We look forward to knowing what tomorrow awaits us, but in the meantime, we enjoy this fantastic present and we are waiting to share it and toast together!

See you in Cella Monte, in Via Barbano Dante 46, for info, tastings, visits to our infernot, you can contact:
Martina 3334587383
Francesca 3381083799
or by email to support@cinquequinti.com

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