Secret Cellars

An Infernot  (secret cellars) is a small underground room, dug into the workable “Pietra da Cantoni” rock, with no lighting or ventilation.

They can usually be accessed through a cellar and are used to store bottled wine.
Their constant temperature and humidity create an excellent environment for preserving the most precious bottles.
They are located under houses, courtyards or even under our roads.
Infernot are real architectural masterpieces built during long and cold winters thanks to farmers’ knowledge.
Each Infernot  is unique and was created by local sculptors, the majority of whom are still anonymous.
It represents the material and spiritual heritage of Monferrato.
From 2002, thanks to the Ecomuseum of “Pietra da Cantoni” and “Leardi” High School of Casale Monferrato, 47 Infernot have been identified on our hills, but many others are still undiscovered.
In June 2014 the Monferrato area, together with Langhe and Roero lands became the 50th Italian place registered on the list of UNESCO world heritage thanks to the existence of these hidden treasures that are a demonstration of the importance of tradition.
An extra good reason to visit us!

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