Things to see in Cella Monte and in Monferrato

It is known already, Monferrato is a wonderful land. It is a pretty vast area though and the things to see are so many! For this reason we thought it might have been helpful for us to create a list of things to see in Cella Monte and in Monferrato. We have selected all the things you cannot miss including: historic buildings, museums, restaurants, caffè, dreamy bed and breakfasts and obviously wine cellar and infernot.

To do so we created a map. In the map at the bottom of the article you will find the list of things to see in Cella Monte and in Monferrato. The selection has been made based on our experience, so if you have any other suggestion to make just drop us an email!

To use the map is really simple and is really cool as it will open up directly on Google Maps. Follow the instructions below to understand how to use it.

Just a small advice, be sure to check the opening time schedule and all the details of the place before visiting it, reservations might be needed.

All you need to do now is to enjoy your trip around this wonderful land which became part of the Unesco Heritage back in 2014.

All the places are divided by wine cellars, grocery shops, restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, historical buildings, view points and hotels/bed a& breakfasts. You can identify them by the color of the icon and the icon itself.

How to use the map:


To visualize the map directly on your smartphone open this blog post on your mobile phone. Go to the map and click on the icon to enlarge it on the top right (the one circled in red in the image below here). The map will open directly on Google Maps (please notice that you will need to have the Google Maps App downloaded on your smartphone). Now you will have all the selected spots at your disposal! Move throughout the map and click on the icons to see all the details of each single place.

To see the complete list, click on any of the icon on the map, then click on “Show Map Legend”.


If you want to use your map on your pc you can do it directly on this article or clicking on the same enlarging icon the navigation will be moved automatically on Google Maps. Now you can scroll through the map and uncover all the selected spots. As on the smartphone by clicking on each single icon you will find all the details if each single place. To see the full list just click on the icon on the top left and you will find all the things to see in Cella Monte and in Monferrato.


You can also share the map with your friends. To do so you will just have to click on the share icon and a small dropdown menu will appear. Now select the way you want to share it: via email, facebook or others and just sen it.

Here is your ready to go map that you can use from your smartphone or your laptop so you can have the perfect trip in Monferrato and check all the hotspots!

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