6 restaurants we love in Monferrato

As there are so many restaurants and bistrot around here we would like to give you a short list of 6 restaurants that you cannot miss if you find yourself wandering around our hills. We are gonna make your mouth water!

Is well known, Monferrato area has among its qualities the good food, characterized by strong flavours that perfectly match our wines.

  1. Hosteria, Treville – a real little treasure. Massimo, the chef, will delight your palate with revisited traditional recipes perfectly presented. While Sandro will advise which wine to combine. Once we tried a “risotto” with pumpkin and blue cheese that we are still dreaming about 🙂

  2. A casa di Babette, Rosignano – we have been there for Francesca and Martina’s birthday. We were a big group in a private lovely room. The simple interior design makes you feel comfortable as you step in. Fish dishes are exquisite and perfectly match with the wide selection of Champagne and Prosecco they offer, the strength of this place.

  3. Corona Reale, Moncalvo – candles, dim lights, small tables not as portions which are quite generous and well…delicious. We have recently been there and we tasted almost all the menu, from salmon tartare with pistachio to cardoon with fondue. One better than the other.

  4. La Cà Nova, Cella Monte – all this wandering around made you hungry? This is the perfect place for a simple but substantial lunch. A family-run activity where you’ll be able to taste our most traditional recipes as they would have been cooked by the most expert grandma. Careful! You might encounter some difficulties in standing up after the meal 🙂

  5. Cicinbarlichin, Casale Monferrato – the perfect spot for a nice evening with friends in a rustic but well-finished location. The chopped meat is one of Francesca’s favourite course. We suggest you to book a table as it is hard to find one without reservation. If you want something quick instead, there is also the new bistrot section where they offer selections of cold cuts, tramezzini and simpler dishes.

  6. Piatto Piano, Ottiglio – a freshly opened one. The name comes from the piano in the middle of the main room which anyone can play. A well curated location that offers typical food revisited by the chef. Our parents have been there and simply loved it!

Let us know how you liked them and feel free to write us for further information!


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