Cinque Quinti’s events calendar: walks and wine tasting in Monferrato

Here is our events calendar for this exciting 2018. Please note that the article will be updated with more details during the next few weeks.



As last year the first appointment will be in occasion of “Le Colline sono in Fiore”, Sunday 13th of May. Same garden, same enthusiasm. You cannot miss it, moreover because this year theme is: FOOD.

Our small village will be lighten up by the colors of the floral expositions which will compete to win the “Best Flowered Corner” organized by Comune di Cella Monte, Consorzio Mon.d.o and Riso e Rose.

During the day an alternation of markets, concerts, entertaunement for the kids, guided tours and visit to the typical infernot, all completely free.

2018 is the national year of the Italian Food therefore we decided to invite a special food truck, Velia Piade Vini e Affini, a good friend and colleague that will spend all the day with us and will delight your palate with a tasty menu.

The first wine tasting will be free for anybody while any additional glass will have a price of 3,00 €. There will also be the possibility to purchase full bottles. All day long Velia and Nello will be cooking for you delicious piadine and mixed typical platters. If you would like a longer break and have lunch in our garden please book your seat now sending an email to support@www.silviapiccardi.it. We are waiting for you!

Are you ready? You will only need a pair of comfortable shoes and have fun, Monferrato is waiting for you!

More details:

  • When: Sunday 13th of May
  • Cinque Quinti will open at 10.00 am until late afternoon
  • First wine tasting for free
  • Second glass 3.00 €
  • For info: support@www.silviapiccardi.it | 333 45 87 383 – 339 10 83 799



A brand new project dedicated to you, sport lovers and in particular yoga lovers! We present: YOGA IN THE VINEYARDS – Un Grappolo di Yoga.

Four days dedicated to this discipline surrounded by nature; a cuddle for yourself which will be followed by a delicious snack in our garden. The lessons will be held by Michela Falzone and Giorgia Bellotti, yoga teachers who embraced the project with enthusiasm.

To reconnect with nature and traditions, each class will be dedicated to to one of the elements: earth, water, fire and air. The goal is to get together two different world by their common aim: lift and enrich your spirits.

There is the possibility to buy the full package or a single lesson. The first two appointments will be Saturday 9th of June and Saturday 23rd of June, starting at 10.00 am, while the other 2 appointments will be Saturday 8th and 29th of September from 4.00 pm. Each lesson will last 1 hour and 30 minutes and they are open also to who has never practiced yoga. Thanks to the presence of 2 teachers who will guarantee attention and care for everyone.

We will end each appointment in our garden, with a good glass of our red wine and a tasty snack. We will be able to get to know each other and tell you about our story.

More details:

  • 1° lesson: Saturday 9th of June
  • 2° lesson: Saturday 23rd of June
  • 3° lesson: Saturday 8th of September
  • 4° lesson: Saturday 29th of September
  • Lessons: from 10.00 a.m.  to 11.30 a.m.
  • Each participant will have to bring the yoga mat and a towel
  • Aperitivo from 12.00 p.m. to 1.00 p.m.
  • Price: 20.00 € per person (includes the lesson, a glass of wine and a traditional mixed platter)
  • For info: support@www.silviapiccardi.it | 333 45 87 383 – 339 10 83 799

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A walk into the vineyards, a visit to our typical infernot, a glass of Cinque Quinti’s wine accompanied by a tasty aperitif. In conclusion live music and a golden sunset. Fancy program? Then book your spot for Saturday May the 26th and Saturday July the 7th starting from 5.00 p.m. at our headquarter in via Dante Barbano 46, 15034, Cella Monte (AL).

Two appointments for the perfect duo: wine and music. Soon we are going to announce the groups who will play for us during these chilling evenings, meanwhile book your schedule!

The entrance will be free and open to anybody as the visit to our infernot. To facilitate us in the organization of the event we kindly ask you to send an email to orders@www.silviapiccardi.it communicating the number of participants. Otherwise you can buy online your consumption for 15€ that includes a glass of Cinque Quinti’s Red Wine and a mixed typical platter. This will count as a person registration to the event so there’s no need to send the email.

More details:

  • 1° appointment: Saturday 26th of May –  The Jazz couple| Gio Giorgio Allara Aral and Davide Calvi.
  • 2° appointment: Saturday 7th of July – Rock & Blues | Vike & Teto
  • From 5.00 p.m.
  • Entrance: free (includes the visit and the concert)
  • First drink: 15.00 € per person (includes a glass of wine and a mixed typical platter)
  • Free for kids
  • Per info: support@www.silviapiccardi.it | 333 45 87 383 – 339 10 83 799

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During the sweet and golden month of September, when everything comes to life and is more likely to cross a tractor then a car on our roads we propose a one of a kind cellar tour. A complete immersion in the colors and scents of our hills overflowing with vineyards. Saturday 15th of September uncover our land, our wine and the typical Monferrato’s products with the second edition of Harvest with Cinque Quinti.

We will meet at 11.00 a.m. at our headquarter in via Dante Barbano 46, 15034, Cella Monte (AL). We will go into the vineyards to really touch the noble and ancient art of viticulture. We will tell you about the different harvest techniques and the history of our activity. In addition Cinque Quinti will also become Teaching Farm so you will really be able to harvest with us this year!

Everything followed by a tasty snack accompanied by our Red Wine. Furthermore thanks to our collaboration with Velia Piade Vini e Affini, specialized in traditional Piedmont cuisine, you will have the possibility to have a proper lunch and spend the afternoon immersed in nature.

More details:

  • When: Saturday 15th of Septmebr
  • From 11.00 a.m.
  • Price: 20.00 € per person (includes the visit, the harvest, a glass of red wine and a traditional mixed platter)
  • Possibility to have lunch choosing the food truck menu – not included
  • For info: support@www.silviapiccardi.it | 333 45 87 383 – 339 10 83 799

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Sunday 23rd of September, in Cella Monte, starting at 2.00 p.m. you will have the opportunity to see the Monferrato land from a whole new perspective! The event has been organized by the real-estate agency Castelletti in collaboration with Cella Monte municipality and is addressed to all who is looking for a new home among our beautiful hills, but not only. During the first hours of the afternoon some real-estate professionals will be at your disposal for any questions you might have.

At sunset instead the event will be dedicated to what we do best in our territory, wine 🙂 One static hot-air baloon will be available for free rides and when coming back to hearth you will have the possibility to taste different wines from local wineries, including Cinque Quinti, accompanied by some delicious finger food. We are so happy we can be part of this even and offer our own wine!

The ride on the static hot-air baloon, located at the Regione Sardegna (near the bar “Il Carpino”) is free. Here you can find a more detailed program of the day. For more information we suggest you to contact Cella Monte municipality.

More details:

  • When: Sunday 23rd September
  • Where: Regione Sardegna, Cella Monte
  • From 2.00 p.m. real-estate questions and from 6.00 p.m. aperitif
  • Price: the event is free, you will have to pay what you consume: wine and food
  • Possibility to take a ride on the static hot-air baloon
  • For more info: support@www.silviapiccardi.it | 333 45 87 383 – 339 10 83 799

SHAKE’N’ROLL – Solo musica dal vino!

We are so proud to announce this new collaboration with IT.A.CÀ. One of the stops of the Itaca migranti e viaggiatori – Festival del Turismo Responsabile will be held at our headquarter!

We are thrilled to participate to this event whose goal is to add value to our land which we all love so deeply.                                        “SHAKE’N’ROLL – only music from wine” will be Saturday the 20th of October from 7.30 p.m in Via Dante Barbano 46, Cella Monte.

One event, one village, one territory. During October the scent of just pressed grape is still in the air; we are celebrating the Curmà, the harvest festival, to keep the tradition alive with a mixture of fun, food and good wine.

Soon we will have more details including all the wineries that will participate with us. What we can anticipate is that together with Cinque Quinti and the organization from CA’MON our friends from Velia piade vini & affini will be there as well! You will have the possibility to have your dinner there, taste delicious wines and listen to great music inspired to the 50’s.

More details:

  • When: Saturday 20th October
  • From 7.30 p.m.
  • Price: 10.00 € which includes 5 wine tasting (you can only buy it at the location)
  • Possibility to have dinner thanks to our food truck friends Velia Piade Vini & Affini
  • For more information: support@www.silviapiccardi.it | 333 45 87 383 – 339 10 83 799

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