Red wine, good for our taste and our heart

Everybody knows that an healthy lifestyle and a a diverse diet help us to live a better life, to feel stronger and more energetic. There are some foods and drinks though that thanks to some of their components can also help us preventing many different diseases.

Behind the typical saying “a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away”, there is also medicine to support it. Lab studies confirmed that some of the chemical components naturally contained in wine, among which the resveratrol, can be really effective. They in fact slow down the growth of cancer cells and induce the apoptosis, in other words the “suicide” of cancer cells.

Enjoying a good glass of red wine then, it does not just taste good but it also helps us preventing cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Obviously the consumption has to be limited. The suggested quantity in order to obtain these benefits is:  one glass per meal for men while for women one glass a day is enough (sorry!). An important fact to remember is that white wine or other kind of alchol do not have the same principles and effects. The resveratrol is in fact concentrated in the skin of the grape and this explains why its presence is more limited in white wines.

Red wine, moreover, contains anthocyanins and others polyphenols, great antioxidants, which are excellent for slowing down brain activity degeneration.

All you have to do now is  fill your cellar with good red wine and drink it on a daily basis, responsibly! Cheers!

Source: Italian Organization for cancer research – www.airc.it.

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