CHAPTER 3. The identification card of a wine.

Especially in Italy, wine is the poetry of the earth”  – Mario Soldati

The identification card of an excellent wine is quite complex. In addition to the basic wine characteristics, it requires a well defined terroir, a powerful story and a strong connection to tradition.

Under this profile, it seems that the Barbera has all what it takes to be one of the best Italian red wines.

Almost as a mother and a child, Monferrato and Barbera complement one another. They nourish each other and grow together.

Finally it is the love for the land and its fruits that has made this territory so beautiful. A landscape of sweet hills overflowing with vineyards, beautiful cities, tiny villages dominated by ancient castles, medieval walls and historical abodes. Although it is often undervalued, it is indeed a place to visit and above all to taste.

In collaboration with Roberta Negri.

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