CHAPTER 4. When Barbera meets Monferrato typical delicacies

Where were we at? Oh yes…our beloved Barbera that from a humble and rough wine, became a princess and it is now ready to meet the flavors and typical delicacies from Monferrato.

Currently, the Barbera, is the most cultivated vine variety in Italy, as well as the most exported. Still Piedmont remains its original terroir, in fact here, Barbera represents 35% of the cultivated area. Indeed a percentage much higher than the Nebbiolo, another excellence from this region.

From its grapes, the Barbera, produces a wine which is perfect all your meal long. That touch of sour that characterize this vine variety gives it freshness and makes the wine-pairing much easier. Is like your go-to dress, perfect for any occasion. The Barbera matches perfectly with all the typical dishes from Monferrato (and not only). Just to name a few, if you are looking for some inspiration: “bagna cauda”, roasted peppers, handmade pasta with truffle, agnolotti, “fritto misto”, cheese (first of all Bra), boiled meat, meat tartare and much more.

We are craving for some of them, aren’t you?

In collaboration with Roberta Negri.

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