CHAPTER 6.Ready to uncork wine?

If you are now provided with the right corkscrew, we can move to practice and uncork our wine…

Step 1

The first step to open a bottle of wine in the correct way, without compromising the quality, is to take off the seal which grants the integrity of the wine.

To do it right you will have to cut the seal using the hidden zig-zagged knife included in the corkscrew just underneath the thin protrusion you find on the neck of the bottle. A first horizontal cut clock wise on the front, and a second one counterclockwise. Finally a vertical cut from bottom to top. Now you can easily remove the seal.

Reminder: during the opening process the bottle has to stay still with the label always faced  towards your tablemate.

Curiosity: the removal of the seal is fundamental in order to avoid the contact of the wine with materials that could alterate its taste.

Step 2

Once the seal is gone, grab the napkin and clean any remaining dust or potential mold that could have created through the small holes on the top of the seal.

Step 3

Next step, position the tip of the screw in the centre of the cork. Then by applying a light pressure start to screw it until the last spiral. Pay attention not to push too hard to avoid the risk to puncture the other side of the cork.

To extract the cork you will have to use the two levers of the corkscrew. First the short one and then the longest one until the cork is almost out. When you feel the cork is applying less resistance you can pull it out using the napkin rotating it gently to avoid any kind of noise.

According to the manuals is wrong to associate the noise to a correct opening.

Curiosity: the cork should never be touched with your bare hands in order to avoid  “contamination” with any personal perfume.

The process is almost complete now. Remember to smell the cork and be sure it smells of wine and not of…cork!

Finally clean again the mouth of the bottle with the napkin and pour a small quantity in the glass for the first taste in order to evaluate the quality of the wine. And…. Rien ne va plus, les jeux sont faits!

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