The new 2016 Red Wine is ready. And numbers have doubled.

Strong from the small, but important success gained with our first 750 bottles, we are ready with the new production, which we managed to double.

We are about to open the sales for 1300 bottles. All for you. The 2016 Red Wine has been made in steel and rested in the bottles for about 3 months. Produced with selected Barbera grapes, the wine is delightful. It presents an intense red hue, firm scents of red fruits, flowers and that right amount of spices to make it intriguing. Tannins are strong, but not aggressive. The sourness, typical of this vineyard in Monferrato, will whet your palate.

The first appointment will be the 11th of March (next Sunday) in Turin. We will participate to WOB – Women Out Of The Box, a day dedicated to women where you will have the chance to taste it for the first time.

In addition, even if it’s little bit early, we are proud to announce the launch of our second label. Roverò.

Now resting in oak barrels, for a total of 17 months, it will be ready for the end of 2018. An elegant and strong wine, with soft and velvety tannins and the right balance between softness and proof. A new aroma, a new scent enclosed in 500 bottles.

Moving forward, we believe that evolution comes also from experience and education. For this reason 2018 will be a back-to-school year for all of us.

Fabrizio is currently following a course to become “Mastro Cantina”. Directed by Donato Lanati the goal is to implement his skills and become something in between an enologist and a cellar man. A key figure for the growth of Cinque Quinti.

Martina, will soon start the professional course to become a sommelier. This will allow us to have in our team an expert in wine tasting, vinification and wine-food pairing. Not bad uh?

Michele, the 21st of March will begin a 60 hours class to let us have the “Petting Farm” certification. This will allow us to organize educational events with local schools and students to improve their knowledge about vineyards, wine and tradition.

Eventually, the two youngest siblings will have a formative experience abroad. Francesca, in the United States and Mario in Australia.

In conclusion, we are all thrilled about the exciting year ahead. After WOB – Women Out Of The Box we are going to present the new events’ calendar. We suggest you to subscribe to our newsletter not to miss any of them! In the meantime, leave your schedule free for May the 13th!

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