Cinque Quinti official commercial

To define yourself is not an easy job. We have tried to do it step by step using 4 trailers to guide you into our world little by little. We did it following the idea behind our first wine label. We started from the Ground, then the Color, the Grape, the Smell and eventually the Taste which encloses the first 4 elements and in a minute and a half tells the soul of our whole project.

Being the main characters of our official commercial has been an amazing experience. We recorded all the scenes in the house in which we have grown up and that has now become the headquarter of our company. We captured the most beautiful spots in Cella Monte and later explored our vineyards where the best memories with our grandparents are kept.

The video has been shot during the harvest period, our rows of vine were loaded with juicy bunches, the sun was shining and despite the initial awkwardness for being in front of the camera we really had a good time!

We have to say thanks from the bottom of our hearts to Stefano Marchino and Max Biglia for the excellent work, the dedication, the professionalism and the kindness. Now Cinque Quinti’s soul has finally come into shape and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Enjoy!

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