The 6 best wine shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn

After spending whole June wondering around this beautiful and chaotic city, Francesca has decided to list her 6 favorite wine shops that you can find in the Big Apple. From the most hidden ones, to the most known and famous, to the ones that organize wine tasting and much more.

Therefore keep on reading to find out the best wine shops in New York City.

Clearly there are many more around the city, but these ones are those which really took Francesca’s attention while exploring this big city that really seems never sleeps.


1.Simply Wine – 55 Liberty Street – a small shop in the heart of the financial district, Wall Street. They make an accurate selection that doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed as you walk into the store. Moreover the prices are also pretty good and you can find good label under 25$ as well as less known wineries with smaller productions. A nice discovery.

2.Astor Wine & Sprits – 399 Lafayette St – it is one of the best  wineshop in Manhattan. The mecca of wine and spirits. The shop is pretty big and you can look for your bottle by region, or my advice, by asking for suggestions to the staff. They are all always available to help you find the right bottle in accordance with the occasion for which you need it. They also have a temperature-controlled room in which they store the most prestigious and rare bottles.

3.Anthony Liquors Inc – 53 Spring St – An shop with the real American style, a little bit vintage the way I like. They offer a good selection of wine and spirits but again not too vaste that you feel like you don’t know where to start. The labels are usually divided by wine variety.

4.Michael Towne Wines and Spirits – 73 Clark St, Brooklyn – If you happen to make a small detour to Brooklyn give it a try. The shop is really nice, not too many bottles and well displayed. They do also sell wine in bag in boxes and cans (I have never tried it but I will)

5.Wine Vault – Chelsea Market – 75 9th Ave – A super nice shop inside the Chelsea Market. You can search by country of origin and they have wines from all over the world. Moreover this closed market is super nice so you can do some wine shopping, then try one of the restaurant you can find there and pick a good book. Is the perfect spot for a rainy day in Manhattan.

6.September Wines & Sprits -100 Stanton St – Finally, a warm and welcoming shop with some vintage forniture and some pretty innovative shelves. They organize many wine tasting and events directly in the shop so for a night out of the ordinary is perfect!

Do you know any other wine shop with which it was love at first sight? Wrote them in the comment and have a nice trip!

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