The 6 best wine bars in New York City

After poking her nose into almost all the best wine shops in New York City, Francesca decided to compile a new list. Her 6 favorite wine bars between Manhattan and Brooklyn. A mix between down to earth places and more sophisticated ones. Here the 6 best wine bars in New York City.


1.Pierre Loti – 258 W 15th St – A simple place, a little dark as many other American bistrot. The wine tasting, which each time focus on a different kind of wine, are very accessible: 6$ for a glass and 30$ for a bottle, only for the wines included in the tasting. Francesca went there on the Rosé International Day, and there were about 15 wines you could pick from to taste. They tried 5 Rosé different for origin, color, taste and scent. It was a pleasant night and you case you get hungry, also their food is pretty good, simple dishes but very tasty.

2.The Four Horsemen – 295 grand street, Brooklyn – Unfortunately Francesca did not make it here but she only heard good feedback on this bistrot in Brooklyn. The place is beautiful and warm, they change menu every weekend always proposing fresh and on season alternatives. Check the wine list on their website, is really wide. If you are going there, let me know what you think!

3.Bar 65 – Rockefeller Centre – If you want an aperitif out of the ordinary then this is the right place. At the 65th floor of the Rockefeller Centre you can find Bar 65. The view is just breath taking and Francesca suggests you to go around sunset hours. The wine list is more commercial than other places and you can find famous land international labels. Pair your glass of wine with a mixed charcuterie platter and enjoy the view.

4.City Winery – 155 Varick St – Francesca and Jacopo went there for launch. It seems like you are visiting a proper wine cellar right in the centre of Manhattan. The place and the staff are welcoming and there is also a small dehor. Each piece of forniture talks about wine: the tables, the walls, the lamps. They serve the wine directly from the barrels as it was draft wine. Francesca tried their locally produced Sauvignon and the Chardonnay and they were both tasty and fresh. Cherry on top, they aging room with barrels and some precious bottle.

5.Rebelle – 218 Bowery – For a more elegant night out Rebelle is perfect! Its marble counter, the walls with bricks, the kitchen on plain sight create that perfect mix between simplicity and sophistication. Obviously the wine list is very interesting. You can find labels from all over the world above all from France and Germany. One of the most impressive wine list I have ever seen. The staff is super prepared, they have a head-sommelier who is really good and can guide you to pick the best wine for your dinner.

6.The Immigrant – 341 E 9th St – Its wooden counter and the antique chandelier creates the perfect atmosphere in this little tavern in Manhattan. Here they serve both artisanal beers which they change periodically and 100% American wines. You can sit at the counter, maybe to grab a quick drink, or enjoy some time there at the bigger tables tasting some of their food specialties like the meat & cheese. 

This is obviously a tiny selection among the thousands of wine bars, bistrot and restaurants present in Manhattan and other neighborhood, but we hope it can be helpful if you have few days to spend in this amazing city and don’t want to occur in any misstep. If you have other to suggest drop us a message at support@www.silviapiccardi.it.

Bon voyage!

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