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In this article, Mario explores a very interesting topic concerning all wine marketing activities and the customer management by cellars owners and wine shops in Australia, particularly in the Hunter Valley region. We will analyze that relationship of trust that the producer manages to establish with the consumer. We will talk about wine marketing in Australia to discover differences and similarities with Italy.

Customer management: the importance of the membership card.

If we want to take a look at history, quality and taste, our Beautiful Village struggles to have rivals, but analyzing the relationship between producer and client, perhaps we have something to learn from our Australian friends.

But let’s start from the beginning.

“It is necessary to divide the target and therefore the different types of customers to understand the mechanism used. Each consumer can make three changes in his approach to wine:

  1. Passing tourist who tastes and / or buys wine in a winery. Upon arrival at the company, after a first cognitive chat, they are offered tastings. The tasting is paid and can choose what they prefer from a wine list with standard prices with a generally limited label proposal.
  2. Wine lover or passionate. If the customer returns several times or if during the presentation phase you understand that you are facing a fan with a particular interest on the topic, the winery offers a membership card. Or? The basic customer becomes a member of the cellar. I like to describe it as an inscription, a simple contract through which the customer agrees to buy 12 bottles every 6 months. The order is then automatically charged to the credit card and then sent back home. Membership cards offer discounts to the customer, who can get 10-20% on the wines selected by the winery for this type of package. The member will also have priority over the events offered by the winery and free tastings in a private room which can only be accessed by members. Small precautions that build loyalty and create a link between the producer (who is sure of the sale) and the consumer (who feels pampered). It is important to remember that the customer has no restrictions, in fact he/she can become member of how many wineries as the client desire! 🙂
  3. Loyal Costumer. If the person in question is particularly fond of a winery, he has the opportunity to become a special member , buying 12 bottles every 3 months. This allows you to get 30% discount on selected labels and only available for the special members market.

The one just described is the example of a winery that I had the opportunity to try and get to know in a more in-depth world, but in general each producer uses this scheme to adapt it according to his/her needs.

Events organization, exhibitions and transport management: the customer is like a king!

The Hunter Valley is a wine center that in addition to its production sells the most famous and important labels of the New South Wales. The consumer is therefore attracted by the big names. This facilitates the activities of wine marketing as well as the proximity to Sydney.

There are over 150 cellars almost always flanked by as many restaurants. The perfect combination of gastronomy and enology “within reach” allows you to limit your travel by car. Also because we know how it ends. It is hard not to be tempted by a glass of wine.

You can also rely on tourist agencies that organize real tours between the different cellars or simply rent a car, a bus, a limousine with driver so as to move in peace without spoiling the trip to anyone. For the more romantic, there are rides in a horse-drawn carriage or on horseback, while for the more curious, the show is guaranteed with a helicopter ride across the valley.

During the whole year concerts and events are organized, evenings dedicated to stand up comedy or motivational talk. Entertainment is considered a fundamental aspect for the development and growth of the territory. Very often are the individual cellars that host internationally renowned artists in their homes, moving large numbers of people. One example of this for the beginning of 2019 is the concert of the Red Hot Chili Peppers on 23 February 2019 at Hope Estate.

The last step is to offer customers the opportunity to stay. For customers who want to spend a relaxing weekend, this formula is supported by hotels throughout the area. As an alternative it is also possible to rent cabins and cottages.

This concludes the circle of an unforgettable experience for the customer.”

Interesting, isn’t it? In the next article we will follow Mario in his first harvest on Australian soil that will start in a few days (weather permitting!). Keep following us.

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