CHAPTER 5. How to uncork a bottle of wine: an art to learn

How do you uncork wine? In these next chapters we will go from theory to practice to discover all the details of this art, often undervalued.

Opening a bottle of wine can often appear as a simple and daily gesture. But actually doing it in the correct way, requires the knowledge of some key steps and above all implies the use of some specific tools.

A real form of art, told and explained in so many books and manuals, it is deeply connected to the vine variety, its characteristic and the context you find yourself in. An actual sacred ritual you can adapt based on your needs.

And note, it is not only about the style. Putting aside the aesthetic aspect, which alone does a part of the job, uncorking a bottle in the proper way, can help appreciate a wine at its best.

If we learn step by step the procedure this won’t only help us feel more confident, but will also prevent us from compromising the quality of this precious beverage.

First of all you don’t need to be a sommelier to uncork a bottle of wine. All you need to do is to have the right tools and to follow some steps.

Some items that can never miss in the kitchen of a wine lover are: the napkin to serve the wine and the corkscrew, the main character.

 Così come la penna per lo scrittore, lo scalpello per lo scultore o il pennello per il pittore, il cavatappi rappresenta l’attrezzo del mestiere per eccellenza dell’amante del vino, capace, con la giusta tecnica, di “disegnare” arte in egual misura. 

Until here, all easy. Who does not have a corkscrew at home? It is important though to notice that not all the corkscrews are the same. So if you have to buy a new one, pick a professional one. So i twill be composed of:

  • a hidden zig-zagged knife to remove the seal
  • a screw, called worm
  • one or two levers, one longer than the other
  • ergonomic handle

 Now is time to move from theory to practice! Don’t miss our next chapter!

In collaboration with Roberta Negri

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